April 02


Freshman Congresswoman Changing Tone in Washington

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik took the 2014 midterm elections by storm when she won in a Democrat leaning district, becoming the youngest woman in Congress. Since she was sworn in, she has shown a new type of leadership and collaboration in the often bipartisan city.

First a foremost, she is all about transparency. Every bill she has voted on, she has posted an explanation of what it is and why. As transparency is a big issue for constituents, Stefanik made a promise in her campaign that she would be upfront and clear with her constituents about just what she was doing in the Capitol.

But more importantly, Stekanik is not afraid to reach across the aisle, or even go up against the more extreme members of her party. When the government was at risk of shutting down, she voted for an extension as she said, “A one week extension is not the way to run our government, and I hope the Senate passed DHS funding measure will be brought to the floor next week.”Most bills that she has voted for involve in some way helping the economy or reforming a system. From voting on bills to ensure cleaner water, to bills that improve America’s infrastructure, Stefanik has been very busy since she became Congresswoman. Furthermore, she has taken the time to advocate for constituents in her district, and takes more time to meet with visitors when they come to DC. Recently, she led a bipartisan bill to repeal medical device tax.

For those of you who say that nothing gets done in Washington, Stefanik is working to change your opinion. With just three months in Congress, she already has quite the legislative record. A new bipartisan, proactive type of leadership is in Washington, and it could not have come any sooner.