April 01


Iran Negotiations

Here is a fun fact: Obamacare is composed of 20,000 pages. The Iran negations is composed of 7 pages.

President Barack Obama is in the midst of a diplomatic agreement with Iran. This country, which is currently sanctioned by the United States, has outwardly stated that it wants to destroy Israel. As Israel is our closest ally in the region, this left many confused as to why Obama would engage in a new type of relationship with this country. You can see the tension in the form of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Barack Obama’s relationship. As of right now, Iran has said they want a nuclear program to fight its enemies. These enemies also include our own country. In these talks, Iran has “promised” Obama’s administration that they would stop its nuclear program if the United States lifted the sanctions on the country.

If you remember back to North Korea, the United States did the same thing. They were promised that North Korea would stop their nuclear program, so they lifted the sanctions. The result was that North Korea then had enough capital to go through with their program, and now possess a nuclear weapon.

Senator Marco Rubio and many other Republicans are skeptical with these talks, in particular that actions speak louder than words. Iran can promise anything, but once they achieve their objective can go back on their word, and we would then be faced with a huge national threat. Obama directly addressed the Iranian people on their New Year, hoping for a new type of relationship with the country. This may be surprising to many of you, as while ISIS continues to grow and threaten the United States democracy, Obama has reached out to this country to appease their requests for more money in their economy. The Iran talks are now going to go on until June, but the fact of the matter is that America is lifting its heavy hand for a short term compromise, which may rear its head at a later date and bite.