Monthly Archives: April 2015

April 30

“A Culture of Opportunity”

House Republicans gave their weekly leadership briefing today where Speaker of the House John Boehner opened with “here in the people’s house we continue to get things done for the American people.” He spoke about how they enacted entitlement reform, are focusing on cyber security, and today will pass a balanced budget plan that has […]

April 29

Baltimore Riots Show the Need for Economic Revival

Last week, we saw Baltimore go up in flames. Many African Americans in Baltimore, Maryland, took their oppression to the streets. After the death of a 25 year old from police brutality, this community decided enough was enough. They have succeeded in getting the nation’s attention, but how do we move forward? I think these […]

April 29

After Long Silence, Bush Speaks Up

President George W. Bush has been off the radar since he finished his second term as president, and returned to Preston Hollow in Dallas, Texas. He focused his attention on the construction of his presidential library on Southern Methodist University’s campus, and has repeatedly said that history will determine his legacy. Well, as ISIS continues […]

April 27

Bruce Jenner Breaks GOP Stereotype

Bruce Jenner gave an interview Friday night with Diana Sawyer about being transgender. When she asks him about President Obama being the first president to say the word transgender, he tells her that he is happy the president said it but he’s not really a fan. Diana Sawyer is shocked, and asks with an incredulous […]

April 23

Who Says DC Gets Nothing Done?

For many of you, you may think that DC is a constant gridlock, that there is no bipartisanship, and that our politicians get nothing done. While this may have been the case for the Democrat controlled senate, the tables have turned with the new Republican majority. In the first 100 days, the new senate passed […]

April 21


On the day of Hillary Clinton’s presidential announcement, the New York Post had a front page that you would not expect for a New York based campaign. The cover had a picture of Hillary Clinton looking frantic, and was titled, “Hill No.” The title continues, “Clinton’s stale presidential plan wrong for nation.” The article continues […]

April 21

Senator Rand Paul Still Busy in Senate

Although Senator Rand Paul will now be using ever minute he can to run for president, he is not letting the campaign get in the way of his job in the senate. After coming into the spotlight over drone attacks on Americans, Paul has been very busy with legislation. He proposed a bill for infrastructure, […]

April 21

When Will Bush Announce His Run?

Despite not officially announcing his run for the presidency, Governor Jeb Bush is up against all other GOP contenders in the polls. For this reason, why has he not announced his run for the presidency, and when will he? After speaking to a political analyst, the answer is clear: time. Bush is slow to announce […]

April 19

This Week in Review

Two more candidates entered the race. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democrat side, and Senator Marco Rubio from Florida. There are four official candidates, including Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz. Clinton will obviously get the nomination for the Democrats, but the GOP primary is totally up in the air. There […]

April 18

Exclusive Interview: Governor Schwarzenegger

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger truly has an amazing success story. An Austrian immigrant, he moved from body builder, to Mr. World, to A-list actor, to governor of the largest state (by population) in America. In this exclusive Q&A, Schwarzenegger highlights the traditional Republican values, and how the GOP needs to unite together over our similarities instead […]