March 31

Marco Rubio’s “Announcement”

Marco Rubio has given an ominous, suspenseful, hopeful clue to what could may be a presidential announcement. He posted on this Facebook page, “I’m making a huge announcement on Monday, April 13th. Get on our email list and be one of the first to know.”

Hmm. What could this possibly be? In the season of presidential announcements, we can really only guess that Senator Marco Rubio is planning on one thing, and that is to announce that he is running for president. Rubio, like Cruz, has used the Senate as a campaign center for establishing his platform for a greater aspiration. If we can all recall two years ago, Rubio was the rising star of the Republican party. Appealing to the Latino vote in the purple state of Florida, Rubio aimed to make his legacy a bipartisan immigration reform bill. When the Conservatives cried foul at its inability to secure the border and the amnesty for illegals in America, Rubio quickly abandoned the bill and went on to tackle Iran sanctions and repealing Obamacare. He has also said that although close with Governor Jeb Bush, his running would not influence his own aspirations.

So, with Rubio’s agenda in the Senate that appeal to the Conservative base, we can only guess that the “big announcement” is to rally up his following to running for president. If this happens, that will be two Republican senators already in the primaries, and we can guess that Rand Paul will also be right behind. In fact, there are rumors that Paul will announce his bid on April 7. It is pretty monumental that three senators from the same party, with a loyal following, are all going to go against each other for the coveted Oval Office position. What will be more interesting, is who can carry the vote far enough, in all states, to actually win the primary to become the party representative. These three candidates may cancel each other out, leaving the winner to be one of the governors, mainly Governor Walker and Governor Bush.

The most interesting part of this election is that there are so many potential candidates, but no clear winner. This shows the factions within the Republican party. If you look at the Democrats, it is pretty obvious that they are all behind Hillary Clinton. With the Republicans, there are so many loyal followers but they are not united under one. Will this hurt the party or help it in the long term? In any case, the party need to be able to have a leader that resonates with all the different parts of what it means to be a Republican, and it is yet to be seen if this election cycle will be able to do just that.