Eyes on the White House

Senator Ted Cruz hit the ground running last week, calling on all Conservatives to rise up and fight for Republican principles. Cruz was the first official candidate to announce his run for the Oval Office, and already has a strong following from the far right voters. Calling his voters, “Courageous Conservatives,” Cruz is focusing on repealing Obamacare and executive amnesty as the main foundation for his platform. Elected to the United States Senate in 2012, it seems as if the senator from Texas always had his eyes on the White House. He has been steadfast in refusing to back down from his beliefs, causing a government shutdown after a very lengthy filibuster.

Surprisingly, as Senator Ted Cruz served in the Senate, he has only passed one law. While being very vocal on the Senate floor, he also has shown little will to compromise with the other side of the aisle. With this agenda, it seems like Senator Ted Cruz had no desire to actually serve in the Senate, but instead wanted to build a campaign and show his commitment to conservative principles. To be fair, Senator Cruz entered the Senate when the Republicans were a minority, and Senator Harry Reid made it pretty hard to pass any legislation in the Senate. The Texas senator’s media appearances and speeches on the Senate floor, however, may hint that there was always a greater goal in his mind. While his name is one of the best known in the Senate, he gathered this following in two short years. There may have been a strategy behind this that is not immediately obvious, and the real focus for Cruz may have always been getting to the White House.