March 23


Obama Threatens Israel Relations

President Netanyahu came to Washington, DC. He was not invited by the White House, and while he was in the District, President Obama did not meet with him. When Netanyahu spoke to a joint session of Congress, many Democrats refused to show their support and hear what he had to say. This political jab was due to the talks the Democrats are having with Iran about their nuclear program. Iran has made it very clear that they do not want Israel to exist, and many loyal Republicans are against this engagement due to this detail. In fact, President Obama gave a message to the Iranian people on Thursday saying that he plans to “change the relationship” between the two countries. The “talks” include removing sanctions on Iran in exchange for a drop in their nuclear program. The same “talks” happened with North Korea, who used the economic opportunity to restore their product, and now claim to have a nuclear weapon.

Following Netanyahu’s victory, President Obama called to congratulate him, but said that the relationship between the two countries may change due to Netanyahu’s campaign. In his campaign, he made remarks that hinted at the acknowledgment of Palestine as a state. Obama is clearly bitter about Netanyahu’s visit to DC, about his undermining of Obama’s power, and is holding on to this bitterness to suggest that the US will no longer support certain resolutions passed in the United Nations that hurt Israel. The Republicans are in shock about this, as Israel is our number one ally in a powder keg region. Republicans are also calling fowl on lifting Iran sanctions, as they are suspicious of the country’s motives and how they will use the money moving forward. In particular, Senator Marco Rubio has spoken many times on the Senate floor about the need to keep a hard line with Iran, and that actions speak louder than words.

The real question, is why do so many Jewish Americans vote Democrat, when the party in general seems to not completely support Israel? The disrespect shown to the President upon his visit to DC, the support for kiting sanctions, are examples of the administrations view of the country. Republicans have always stood with Israel, and given them their full support in the volatile region. The upcoming weeks will show how Obama plans to work with Israel.