March 23


Benghazi Scandal Not Over

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton testified before Congress due to the killing of US Ambassador Chris Stephens and three other Americans. Congress called on Hillary Clinton to give answers to the American people, of why these attacks happened and what preventative security was in place. The result was a lot of confusion, as Clinton gave no clear answers, and broke down in her Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing where she said “what difference does it make” relating to the reason why this happened. Well, Congress was not happy about this answer, as the context makes all the difference.

The House and the Senate have promised to continue their investigation on Benghazi, and the recent Hillary Clinton scandal may prove to give more clues to questions unanswered. In particular, Clinton’s use of her own personal email for State Department work as well as having her own server, she has said to delete “personal” information. This is leaving a lot of question marks, as there is no reason to need to delete innocent emails about yoga classes when you know you may be investigated.

This investigation is now going to happen, as The House Select Committee on Benghazi, has asked Clinton to turn over these emails for a third party review. Committee Chairman Trey Gwody wants Clinton to hand over her whole server, in order to see if there are any “personal” emails that pertain to this terrorist attack.

As Hillary Clinton has geared up to announce her official run for the presidency, a scandal such as this will not help her in the early primaries. Given her past record, the confusion surrounding the topic, and the other revelation that the Clinton Foundation has been receiving money from countries who greatly suppress women, Clinton will need to have very clear answers and transparency before she can focus on her future pursuits. With so many skeletons already in her political closet, Clinton will have a busy week where she will have to show her honesty and integrity before she can regain the trust of Americans.