Shock About Schock

Congressman Aaron Schock announced yesterday that he is resigning from Congress. This news only means one thing: scandal. If you think back to Congressman Anthony Weiner, it was the same situation. When an issue is about to come to the surface, the congressman has to step down from his seat of power. This comes as a shock, as Congressman Schock was an upcoming, promising young Republican. At the age of 33, Congressman Schock represented a youthful perspective on Conservative issues, and has been a part of government since the age of 23. He ran for and won a seat in the Illinois State Assembly, and was the youngest member in Illinois ever. While serving in Congress, he was never afraid to reach across the aisle, and vote for what his district wanted rather than what the party wanted. Shock also embodies the new type of Republican, which is one that is fiscally conservative and more socially liberal.

So, what went wrong? Campaign funds, misappropriation of money. This is a trap that many politicians find themselves in. Schock is charged for using campaign funds for his own personal use, buying cars, private flights, tickets to the Superbowl, and totally revamping his office to look like a set of Downton Abbey. He fell for the time old trap: money and power. After receiving the power, he also wanted the lifestyle that many around him were enjoying. Taking money from outside groups and misusing campaign funds is such a temptation, and Shock fell for it.