Monthly Archives: March 2015

March 31

Marco Rubio’s “Announcement”

Marco Rubio has given an ominous, suspenseful, hopeful clue to what could may be a presidential announcement. He posted on this Facebook page, “I’m making a huge announcement on Monday, April 13th. Get on our email list and be one of the first to know.” Hmm. What could this possibly be? In the season of […]

March 31

Senator Rand Paul Looks at the Fed

Senator Rand Paul is the son of the very popular libertarian Ron Paul, and it is no surprise that many of his father’s principles are those the senator also stands for. In particular, Senator Paul is on a crusade against the NSA spying on Americans, and the Federal Reserve’s corruption. With this background, Senator Rand […]

March 30

Eyes on the White House

Senator Ted Cruz hit the ground running last week, calling on all Conservatives to rise up and fight for Republican principles. Cruz was the first official candidate to announce his run for the Oval Office, and already has a strong following from the far right voters. Calling his voters, “Courageous Conservatives,” Cruz is focusing on […]

March 25

Republicans Fight Against Obamacare

After five years of the Affordable Care Act becoming law, Republicans in the House and the Senate are steadfast in their need to repeal it and start over. In particular, Senator Ted Cruz stated in his announcement that he will run for president, that this is one of his main platforms. Many have lost their […]

March 23

Republicans’ Achilles Heel

The 2016 presidential race is off and running, and as of right now, Senator Ted Cruz is in first place. The first candidate to officially announce his intentions, Cruz said today at Liberty University that he will be running for the Oval Office. While there is much speculation regarding Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, Cruz […]

March 23

Benghazi Scandal Not Over

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton testified before Congress due to the killing of US Ambassador Chris Stephens and three other Americans. Congress called on Hillary Clinton to give answers to the American people, of why these attacks happened and what preventative security was in place. The result was a lot of confusion, as Clinton […]

March 23

Obama Threatens Israel Relations

President Netanyahu came to Washington, DC. He was not invited by the White House, and while he was in the District, President Obama did not meet with him. When Netanyahu spoke to a joint session of Congress, many Democrats refused to show their support and hear what he had to say. This political jab was […]