December 20


The Devil You Know

Ever since Governor Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012, Republicans around the nation have been looking forward to 2016, and speculating who could be the candidate who would run and more importantly, win. Everyone looked at what should have been an easy win, to various GOP candidates that could fit in all the boxes. They tried out Senator Marco Rubio, who fled from the immigration bill after the far right screamed foul. They then looked to Governor Chris Christie, but then “bridgegate” exploded right under him and they knew he no longer had the same trust from the electorate. Senator Rand Paul, who is active in the Senate building up his national and international policies, inherits his father’s loyal supporters, but again might be too extreme to carry the entire election. This upcoming election is one of the most important for the GOP, because after years of not getting it together, it will say what the party on a whole stands for.

So, with the opponent most likely being Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who could it be? As the time ticks forward, it has to be someone who has a solid political base that is conservative enough to win some of the far right, but also the moderate base. As President Obama’s presidency becomes more and more unpopular, Former candidate Mitt Romney has somewhat of a chance, as many people regret not voting for him as president. But, what if it was someone who everyone wished would run years ago, but happened to have a brother who stepped up to the plate before him?

Here enters Governor Jeb Bush. Popular in Florida, Bush has a solid background in an important state, where he focused on education reform. He also decreased the size of state government and decreased taxes. Bush is widely applauded around the country for his work as governor, but his only setback at this point is his name, and the link to the still unpopular President George W. Bush.

As the election would most likely come down to a Bush versus a Clinton, many Americans might scream that they want a new name, but it does not seem that there is a viable candidate to take the cake. Senator Warren and Senator Paul may be able to run in the future, but for right now the timing does not seem to be right. If Governor Bush ran against Governor Romney, Bush would most likely win due to Romney’s past two failures. Bush and Clinton definitely can not play the rich card against one another, so it may be a fair race.

In any case, as the government’s popularity continues to decrease, a strong leader must emerge. This election is so important because it gives Republicans a chance to unite. As many siblings know, just because he is a brother does not mean he will be the same president. The media has already erupted with new polls putting Clinton and Bush against one another, and the coverage will only increase as 2016 looms closer.