November 26


Purple Power

For those who advocate for no parties in America, or for more than one, it is times like these in Washington, DC, where the purple states have all the sway in legislative decisions. The Independents in America, soundly middle of the political spectrum, are really what guards the democratic process in the United States. While there is sometimes blind party loyalty, there is the handful of the population that is able to call bluff when one party is getting out of hand. Presently, the lawmakers that hold seats in areas of purple populations are calling on the President to make a change or they will have to go against his signature legislation.

Democrats for years have blamed Republicans in the media for slowing down the Affordable Care Act from going into action, and even blamed the government shutdown on the GOP over Obamacare. President Obama promised everyone that they could keep their healthcare plans if they wanted to, or they could choose and even cheaper plan. He promised that choosing a healthcare insurance would be as easy as shopping on Amazon, and said that Republicans were just playing “politics” to prevent millions of Americans from affordable coverage.

It has now almost been two months, however, and there are still problems with, and a lot of vague answers on why the problems occurred, and how they would be fixed. Both chambers of Congress are getting thousands of calls and letters urging their lawmakers to help, and it seems as if those lawmakers are now at a breaking point. For Democrats, their strategy has been to stick with the President and support the ACA, but now some are changing allegiances. Thirty-nine House Democrats voted for Congressman Upton’s bill that undermines the original Healthcare promises, and more are now voicing their concern for their upcoming elections. Congressman Bruce Braley from Iowa is running for an open Senate seat, and he told Politico when they asked if he is mad at the President, “yes.”

Former Governors Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush urged Congress to let Obamacare speak for itself, and to worry about winning back the majority in the Senate to stop the ACA once and for all. The Obamacare disaster, however, has showed Republicans that they need to get serious about healthcare reform, which should be their main focus for the upcoming election. If there were a replacement that worked, I am sure those purple states would turn red. As of right now, however, we should at least be thankful that there is that grey area of the American electorate that keeps both parties in line.