November 21


Reid Goes Nuclear

Senator Harry Reid went for the “nuclear option” in the senate today where he eliminated the rule that requires a 60-vote threshold to elect presidential appointed nominees. The Senate still reserves the right, however, to use a filibuster for judicial nominees. The Democrats hold a majority in the Senate, making it easy for Reid to have a simple majority vote to change this historic rule. The Democrats, who are more focused on their agenda than compromise, decided that they wanted to push through their nominees. Minority Leader Senator McConnell said that in the next term the Republicans can easily reverse this rule. Reid using the nuclear option at a time where Democrat approval rating is staggering was not the best campaign plan for 2014.

President Obama and his Democrat colleagues refused to delay the individual mandate, and the result was a government shutdown they blamed on the GOP. The GOP, however, proved to be the victors of this situation as Obamacare has had countless problems, and millions of Americans lost their health insurance. Obama continues to use rhetoric, however, to promise the potential of the healthcare law although it seems to not be realistic. Furthermore, Reid’s disregard for historic senate laws seems to be arrogant, and will be a target for candidates as the work to regain their senate seats.