November 21

Cheney Losing Grip

Wyoming is all over the news this week, and its not due to the great forecast for Jackson Hole’s ski season. This Republican stronghold emerged on the map when Liz Cheney declared that she would be running against Senator Enzi, a longtime Senator and Wyoming resident. Dick Cheney, Liz’s father, is friends with Wyoming’s elite families, but his connections are proving to not be enough to save his daughter’s campaign. Liz moved to the upper scale Jackson Hole a year ago, and sparked rumors that this was in order to run for office as she attended various fundraisers around the cowboy state. Senator Enzi was surprised when she announced her bid, saying that he and Dick were longtime fly-fishing friends. Dick Cheney quickly said that this was not true, and Liz said she never promised Enzi she would not compete with him for the seat. With such a small population, the public figures in Wyoming are a tight-knit force. Congresswoman Lummis was very clear that she did not approve of this Republican primary race, and fellow Senator Barrasso gave his support to the incumbent. Liz Cheney is running against the “corruption” in Washington, but it is hard to find something wrong with Enzi’s conservative values. Senator McCain also gave Enzi his support, and said he is a “workhorse” instead of a “showhorse” in the senate. Enzi not only gives press every opportunity to interview him, but he even shows up early to most appointments.

This is in contrast to Liz Cheney, who said that she was happy the newspaper industry was dying, which quickly put the candidate on many of Wyoming’s newspaper blacklists. According to Politico, Liz is also very quick to say things off the record, but slow to have official interviews. The latest nail in the coffin for Liz has been the gay marriage controversy. In a state like Wyoming, conservative family values are very important and could cost an election. Although Liz has said she is not pro gay marriage, her sister Mary is an open lesbian and got married last year. Mary has openly said that Liz is on the “wrong side of history,” and is no longer speaking with her sister. This feud is giving Enzi’s campaign a clear path to attack Liz on how loyal she will be to protecting marriage rights once elected. With nine months left to go, Liz is going to have to work extra hard to win the hearts of the Wyoming population.