November 20


GOP Congressman Sentenced One Year Probation for Cocaine

Republican Congressman Trey Radel pleaded guilty for cocaine possession, and was sentenced one year probation today. Radel tried to buy this illegal drug from an undercover cop on October 29, and later in court admitted that he was trying to buy cocaine. The federal authorities discovered that Radel had bought cocaine for use in Washington, and apparently gave some to his friends. To catch him in the act, the lawmaker met an associate and an undercover police officer at a restaurant near Dupont Circle, and Radel asked if they would like to accompany him to the back of the restaurant to do cocaine. The undercover officer then said he could sell him some, and Radel agreed to buy 3.5 grams for $250. Radel got in the car, paid and received the drugs, and was then approached by two federal officers on the sidewalk where he quickly dropped the recently purchased drugs. The authorities said that this is just one arrest in an attempt for Washington, DC to crack down on cocaine trafficking.