November 15

Obama Tries To Make Amends

President Barack Obama is under major scrutiny from both parties due to the disastrous unveiling of his signature healthcare law. The website,, has numerous problems that led to House hearings with no clear plan of how they were going to fix the issues. Few people have successfully signed up for healthcare, and even fewer people have been able to due to technological problems. Furthermore, many Americans received letters that told them, despite Obama’s promise, their healthcare plans would be canceled because they did not comply with the ACA. The problem with this cancelation, was that it proved to be impossible to sign up for new insurance.

The Republican party took the blame for the government shutdown, as they went to the extreme in order to delay the individual mandate for one year. Obama said he would not compromise, and finally the GOP relented. Political analysts were declaring that the GOP just committed suicide, and that they would not be able to recover to win back seats in the Senate in 2014, or keep the majority in the House. The popular opinion changed very quickly, however, due to the ACA which the Democrats have fought over and promised they would not relent. Obama said that the reason people’s insurance was canceled was because the ACA would provide and even more affordable one than their current option. Today, however, Obama said that he is going to change the law so that insurance plans continue until 2014.

The administration is facing pressure from Democrat lawmakers as Congress tries to appease angry constituents, and as many Republicans have said, the healthcare law is speaking for itself. Former Governor Mitt Romney said that healthcare reform should be approached on a state level, which is what he did in Massachusetts. The huge federal overreach has proven to be overwhelming even for the “best in the field” who’s boss is the President of the United States. Congressman Fred Upton’s bill will be voted on tomorrow which is a step to repealing Obamacare, and the administration now must hope that the former loyal Dems will not walk across the aisle on this issue.