November 11

All Eyes On Christie

Governor Chris Christie won a victory on Tuesday, but instead of the focus just being on this victory, journalists are looking to 2016. Every response to Christie’s sweeping win has been a question instead of a congratulations. Christie won on Tuesday with impressive numbers sought after by politicians on both sides of the aisle: 57% of women, 51% of hispanics, and 32% of Democrats. Christie appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, where Wallace point blank asked him if he was interested in running for president.

Christie responded,

“Well Chris, what I’m interested in is being the Governor of New Jersey. We have a lot of things to do, a lot of things to focus on.”

When Wallace brought up the percents he won by, Christie said that this a reflection of reaching across the aisle to get things done and show real results. Christie said its about “getting the job done,” which he did through increasing jobs by over 100,000, slowing the growth of property tax, reforming tenure for teachers amongst other reforms the administration focused on since 2009.

Wallace then speculated on that although he has moderate Republicans, he still needs the far right to support him in order to win the nomination. The news anchor then fired off a series of conservative questions, such as his views on immigration and gun control. Christie fired right back that on immigration he is for fixing a broken system, and thinks the DC politicians need to reach across the aisle to create real solutions.

As for gun control, he is for preventing the use of violence, and most importantly in regard to those with mental health issues accessing means to hurt others. Christie said that his main focus is not on whether one thinks him too conservative or too moderate, but whether they believe in his goals of limiting the size of government, reducing taxes, and promoting private sector growth. Wallace then directed the question to Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul, who are tea party favorites and have a lot of attention in DC. Christie said that Cruz’s performance that closed the government was a “monumental failure.”

The governor responded to Wallace today, however, that he does not want to get involved in the Washington, DC “garbage,” and that he is willing to work with anyone who shares his beliefs and wants to get a job done. Christie pointed out that all the rhetoric and finger pointing is why people in areas outside the beltway disfavor the DC. The final question Wallace pointed to Christie was if he is able to have patience for the aforementioned DC “garbage,” which Christie confidently responded that being Governor of New Jersey requires a lot of patience, and if Wallace did not think this to be true, he needs to spend more time in that state.

Christie appeared on three other morning Sunday shows, obviously in favor of the publicity and eager to win the approval of journalists. Jim Pinkerton later appeared on Fox News where he said that the journalists right now love the Governor, but things could change very quickly if Hillary Clinton receives the nomination for 2016. In any case, the political commentators continue to speculate who will be the next contenders for the Oval Office, and so much focus on the future is not really a good sign for current President Obama’s impact or legacy.