November 09

Cruz Appears On The Tonight Show

Senator Ted Cruz appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, where he discussed politics with the comedian. This appearance was a risky move, as Leno is known to be a harsh critic, and undoubtedly a Democrat. Cruz sat down and Leno said that he’s heard of Cruz as “abrasive, aggressive, and arrogant,” which Cruz responded that you can’t believe everything that you hear. He said that instead, he is “amazed to be where I am, and amazed to serve.”

Cruz continued that as a son of an immigrant who fled Cuba in a time of oppression, he views the United States has huge challenges and he wants to help. Leno said that Cruz is obviously a man of principle, and asked Cruz if this prevents compromise. Cruz responded that he views compromise like Reagan did, which is if someone gives you only half a loaf of bread, take it and then come back for more. Cruz said that the country is very much in the same place as the Reagan era, and the famed president emerged on behalf of a grassroots movement in order to promote jobs and economic growth.

When Leno said that Congressional approval rating was at a low 12 percent, Cruz laughed and asked if it was really that high. According to Cruz, he did not want a government shutdown, but was forced to hold his ground because the Democrats and President Obama refused to compromise. He said that although constitutionally a law, Obamacare is not working, and Cruz is working for Texans who are begging him to repeal the law Cruz said that the problem in Washington is on both sides of the aisle, where career politicians are worried about their financial backers instead of their constituents. The Texas senator said he is only focused on three things, which are jobs, economic growth, and repealing Obamacare. As for gay rights, he is personally for male and female marriage, but thinks the issue should be a state issue. As Cruz is comparing the time to the 1980 election with Reagan, does he view himself as filling the Republican hero’s shoes?