November 09


Brown May Run In NH

Former Senator Scott Brown lost his senate seat to Senator Warren in 2012, much to the Republican party’s surprise. Even more surprising was that he did not try to run again in the special election this past spring. Ears pricked, however, when he started a super-pac headed by his sister in New Hampshire. Some political commentators wondered if this was for a future presidential run, but it seems now the former senator will try to get back into the senate chamber.

Senator Jerry Moran, who is chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told the Boston Globe yesterday that, I don’t think Scott Brown is just fooling around,” and that the Republican party is hoping he will run. Moran said the former senator has not given a timetable or even announced if he plans to run, but with 2014 coming closer, the GOP is waiting in hopeful anticipation. Brown has been showing up to many fundraising events in New Hampshire, and has been attacking his would be opponent Senator Shaheen on healthcare.