November 08


Christie Takes Center Stage

Governor Chris Christie, who just won reelection in New Jersey with an over 50 percent majority, has laid relatively low on whether he plans to run for 2016 presidency. Whenever asked, he would reference the common sense attitude he adopted from his Italian mother which was that he is focused on the present, and doing the best job he can to be New Jersey Governor. Furthermore, he said that no sane person can guess what they will be doing in three years time.

His reelection, however, proves to be otherwise. Christie is the moderate candidate much of the GOP is looking for. He has now won Governor twice in a typically blue state, and more importantly appealed largely to the latino demographic.  Governor Chris Christie is very popular amongst young Republicans, one of which at the Republican National Convention said, “I cannot wait for Chris Christie, he’s going to come on stage fist pumping and all.” Christie did do this, and was greeted by an equally enthusiastic crowd.

The Governor also knows his state through and through, never messing up a fact and retorting a negative remark with how the state is doing everything they can to address the problem. He also came out on top from the Sandy Hurricane aftermath, visibly on the shore and quickly acting to help families who lost their homes. It seems as though Christie has been in the background, however, over shined by Senator Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as they were in the limelight due to the government shutdown.

His election victory has now changed this attention, and Time Magazine has him on the cover with the title, “The Elephant In the Room.” This title alludes to his obvious qualifications of what the magazine thinks the Republican party needs, and maybe even what the nation needs. The only issue still on many of his supporters’ minds, however, is his weight. Nevertheless, his election could have been a preview for 2016, and Christie may be happy he was not chosen to be Governor Mitt Romney’s vice presidential candidate after all.