November 03


Romney on Obamacare

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press today where he criticized the leadership of the president in regard to his signature healthcare law. Romney kept a low profile since he lost the election for the Republican party nearly one year ago, making few public appearances, his first being the CPAC convention. Mitt Romney said time and time again in his campaign that his first role as president would be to repeal Obamacare, whereas one of Obama’s cornerstones to his campaign was that he would allow American’s to keep their insurance plan if they liked it, but also insure millions of Americans with affordable coverage. Romney said that the most shining reason that Obama is losing credibility in his second turn is that he lied to the American people, as six million Americans are losing their health insurance and do not have the right to keep their insurance plan. Furthermore, premiums are skyrocketing for many people throughout the United States.

Romney said that if the President had learned from the Massachusetts healthcare plan, he would have known that you cannot approach the issue with a one size fits all mentality, and have to understand that states are different with their population and economies. Romney said that in Massachusetts, they also had a slow roll out in order to test glitches and fix problems as they came. Obama’s individual mandate unveiling has turned to problems after problems, and also proves his poor leadership. Although Romney is in favor of defunding Obamacare, he did not think the government shutdown was the best tactic for Republicans, and said that they should focus on electing a majority in the senate to defund it through the legislative process.