Monthly Archives: November 2013

November 26

Purple Power

For those who advocate for no parties in America, or for more than one, it is times like these in Washington, DC, where the purple states have all the sway in legislative decisions. The Independents in America, soundly middle of the political spectrum, are really what guards the democratic process in the United States. While […]

November 25

GOP Responds to Iran Deal

The news for the past two months has focused on domestic policy for the shutdown and Obamacare, but as of right now all eyes are on the Iran Deal that was reached over the weekend in Geneva. The deal will ease certain sanctions on Iran if they promise to have a six-month freeze on their […]

November 21

Reid Goes Nuclear

Senator Harry Reid went for the “nuclear option” in the senate today where he eliminated the rule that requires a 60-vote threshold to elect presidential appointed nominees. The Senate still reserves the right, however, to use a filibuster for judicial nominees. The Democrats hold a majority in the Senate, making it easy for Reid to […]

November 21

Cheney Losing Grip

Wyoming is all over the news this week, and its not due to the great forecast for Jackson Hole’s ski season. This Republican stronghold emerged on the map when Liz Cheney declared that she would be running against Senator Enzi, a longtime Senator and Wyoming resident. Dick Cheney, Liz’s father, is friends with Wyoming’s elite […]

November 20

GOP Congressman Sentenced One Year Probation for Cocaine

Republican Congressman Trey Radel pleaded guilty for cocaine possession, and was sentenced one year probation today. Radel tried to buy this illegal drug from an undercover cop on October 29, and later in court admitted that he was trying to buy cocaine. The federal authorities discovered that Radel had bought cocaine for use in Washington, […]

November 18

Family Feud

For a state that is normally drama free and stays under the radar, Wyoming has taken a strong stance in national news for the primary race of Senator Enzi and Liz Cheney. Liz Cheney moved to Wyoming a year ago. Her father, Dick Cheney, is from this state and has always had a strong presence […]

November 15

Obama Tries To Make Amends

President Barack Obama is under major scrutiny from both parties due to the disastrous unveiling of his signature healthcare law. The website,, has numerous problems that led to House hearings with no clear plan of how they were going to fix the issues. Few people have successfully signed up for healthcare, and even fewer […]

November 14

Karl Rove Says the Hardest Part Is Over For GOP

Former Chief of Staff Karl Rove spoke today at The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forums, where he said that the Republican party was in a “state of flux.” Rove said that the emergence of the tea party is different from the typical conservative, but the biggest differences within the party are being ironed out and the […]

November 11

All Eyes On Christie

Governor Chris Christie won a victory on Tuesday, but instead of the focus just being on this victory, journalists are looking to 2016. Every response to Christie’s sweeping win has been a question instead of a congratulations. Christie won on Tuesday with impressive numbers sought after by politicians on both sides of the aisle: 57% […]

November 10

Graham Continues Pressure

Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina appeared on CNN’s State of the Union today, where he said he will continue to press the Obama administration over Benghazi. The senator says that there are still questions he has unanswered, and that Congress has the right to know what really happened and why it happened. Former Secretary […]