October 31


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Now that the government has reopened, Congress is turning its attention again to Syria. Before October 1st, the talk on the Hill was whether to use force against President Assad. Both parties seemed to be remarkably split over this issue. Senator Rand Paul is absolutely against it, while Senator John McCain has been trying to raise awareness about Syria for two years.

President Obama said that Assad crossed the “red line,” but then asked Congress for approval to use force. Senator Cruz praised Obama for adhering to the constitution, but is also strongly against aiding the Al-Qaeda forces that are opposing Assad. Another issue being raised after the government shutdown debacle is gay marriage, and some Republicans are in favor of same sex marriage and want to be the party that incorporates more people rather than exclude. Senator Portman is strongly in favor of same sex marriage, as well as Senator Murkowski. And, as always, Republicans are still trying to raise awareness on why Obamacare’s individual mandate should be delayed. Senator Graham said that President Obama is on the losing team 0-3, for despite his promises, the layout of the law has been very unsuccessful.