October 22


Wyoming Primary Heats Up

Liz Cheney is facing a tough primary election, as the Wyoming Republican party and members in Washington are backing longtime Senator Enzi. Cheney, who has never held political office and her only notoriety is being the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is pointing a lot of fingers as she tries to garner support in Wyoming.

Liz Cheney moved to Jackson Hole a year ago, and despite promises that she did not plan to run, said that Senator Enzi must have been “confused,” as she never stated the aforementioned comment. Senator Barrasso and Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis, national leaders from Wyoming, have stated their support for Enzi, and now Senator McCain has also pledged allegiance to the incumbent. Before asking for campaign contributions, Cheney wrote, “Liberal Republican Senators like John McCain and Olympia Snowe have endorsed my opponent. We must be doing something right if these folks are fighting so hard to preserve the status quo.”

Senator McCain’s spokesperson Brian Rogers responded that the comment is “laughable.” Cheney said that Washington is trying to “stop” conservatives, and is running on the promise that if elected she will end the corruption in DC.  By attacking notable Republicans who already hold office, however, if elected she will enter with a few enemies. Even Ann Coulter, a political commentator, said that although she loves Liz Cheney, she thinks that she is doing this for her own ego, which results with factions within the party. Attacking Senator Enzi for not being conservative enough is a desperate move, for Senator McCain himself said that he is like a “workhorse” in the senate, and his voting record is clean for always voting along conservative lines.