October 21

Obamacare Debate

After the shutdown, the GOP was blamed for 16 days of the government being closed and sacrificing the debt ceiling in order to one last time thwart Obamacare. Senator Ted Cruz has been demonized, and in a recent poll by CNN Americans want Speaker Boehner out. As the post-media blame calms down, however, the attention goes to the issue that caused the whole CR delay.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and big time Obama fan has admitted that the Obamacare website unveiling is unacceptable, and President Obama gave a speech in the Rose Garden of the White House today where he said that no one is “more mad” than he. Both figureheads of the Democrat party used rhetoric to console Americans that the website would soon be fixed, and that the ability to have cheaper healthcare is slowly in the population’s grasp.

The problem is, however, that the healthcare is not more affordable, and the weight is resting on small business owners. Senator Ted Cruz, despite so much criticism, told CNN this weekend that he does not work for a party boss in Washington, but instead works for the 26 million Texans who have asked him to try and help repeal the law. Despite this listening to his constituents, however, the nation continues to blame him for 16 days of chaos. Republicans have continuously pointed to the reality of the ACA, which is that this huge government overreach is only increasing costs and limiting choice for people.

While it does indeed provide coverage for people who did not have it before due to a preexisting condition, the responsibility to pay for people is primarily going to be on young, healthy Americans who do not need expensive coverage but pay for those who do. Former Governor Sarah Palin, who also gets a lot of negative media coverage but is popular among lots of Americans, wrote an op-ed for Breitbart.com where she wrote, “The full implementation of Obamacare puts us firmly on the path to the left’s desire of a single-payer system of socialized medicine. That was the end game for Obama and the Democrats all along. The end is now in sight for them, and the media doesn’t even ask about it.”

Palin continues in the article that the Republicans in Congress voice their disfavor for the healthcare law, but then when it comes time to do something about it they cave under the pressure of Washington politics, and more so from media backlash. Palin continued that the Tea Party members emerged from the inability of the Republican party to protect core American values, and that this group will never “give up the fight for freedom.” Palin wrote, “government “slimdown” didn’t cause the fracture. It happened because of the fracture – because wayward Republicans have refused for years to stand up and fight for economic freedom and limited government, despite campaigning on those principles every election cycle. That’s how we got into this debt-ridden mess in the first place. They campaigned one way, but governed another.”

She concluded her op-ed with a quote from Reagan, who said,  “If you don’t do this and if I don’t do it, one of these days you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children, what it once was like in America when men were free.” Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz want limited government and less taxes, which were part of the Founding Father’s intentions when writing the Constitution. Obviously circumstances have changed, but these are the principles that do indeed make America a great nation. Democrats continue to speak about the benefits of Obamacare, and make excuses for the current glitches that everything will get better in the future.

The website, which should have been one of the easiest steps, even turned to be a failure. The question is, however, if these politicians who are deemed as mavericks have a point and are truly protecting America’s freedom, and if the press is just failing to cover them in a positive light. President Obama is going to be very slow in accepting that his signature healthcare law was a failure, but if a different lawmaker offered an alternative plan, Americans might unite in repealing the law.