October 21


In a recent poll taken by CNN/ORC, a majority of Americans think the GOP should not control the House. This is the first time more than 50% have been upset by the Republican majority since they took back seats in 2010. Furthermore, 63% think that Speaker John Boehner should lose his position. Boehner, who originally composed a CR that only included a stand up or sit down vote to fund Obamacare before voting on the budget bill was influenced by 44 lawmakers in the House who wanted a harder line on the ACA. Boehner caved, and thus lost the control of the debt limit. The Republicans are not alone in facing backlash from the shutdown, as Congress now only has a 12% approval rating, one of the lowest in history. President Obama also did not come out of the shutdown unscathed despite his refusal to engage with Congress, and 52% disapprove of the job he is doing as president.