“We’ve been locked in a fight over here trying to bring government down to size, trying to do our best to stop Obamacare. We fought the good fight, we just didnt win,” said Speaker of the House John Boehner to Bill Cunningham this week in response to the criticism he has been receiving on losing the battle in the government shutdown. After 16 days of drama, the Republicans emerged with little they were trying to achieve. The debt ceiling has been raised, and Obamacare has been funded. Furthermore, the negative press Obamacare would have received for its poor unveiling and many problems with the website were overshadowed by maverick Senator Ted Cruz as he seized the senate floor in a 23 hour filibuster to rally the grassroot movements against the ACA. As any aftermath, fingers are pointing as politicians play the blame game. Moderates are saying that Boehner is controlled by the radical tea party, and tea party members are saying the senate betrayed conservative values. As elections for 2014 approach, political analysts are predicting the downfall of the Republican party. Many believe in order to survive the GOP needs to adopt a more moderate approach, but the far right is saying members have betrayed the core beliefs of what the party should represent. The debt fight is not over, however, as the bill only delayed the crisis till December. In order to regain popularity, the Republican party needs to focus not on Obamacare, but the economy. As unemployment is still low and economic growth is staggering, the GOP should point back that a trillion dollar debt resulting from Democrats’ out of control spending is putting America at a disadvantage. There is still time before 2014, and now is the time for the Republicans on Capitol Hill to regain their credibility by fighting for what most Americans care about, which is the economy. 
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