GOP Will Prevail

Senator Marco Rubio is amongst Republicans lawmakers who despite the negative media coverage, are insistent that Obamacare will prove that the GOP was fighting for the welfare of Americans. Senator Rubio addressed the negative press over Obamacare, where he told Sean Hannity on Fox News, “We are going to prevail on this issue. It is just a matter of time. We will prevail because ObamaCare is going to be a disaster. And it won’t be long before many people in this town will be scrambling to try to fix it.” Even more important that healthcare, is the debt ceiling increase that Democrats are claiming as a victory. This victory, however, will also prove to be negative as Washington continues its out of control spending. Rubio told Fox News host Jon Scott, The real crisis, by the way, is that the American Dream is eroding. You have millions of people who feel like they’re running in place, like this is no longer a country where, through hard work, everyone can get ahead. And one of the causes of that is the $17 trillion national debt that continues to grow. I’ve now been here three years; nothing has been done to seriously address that.”Rubio continued that the Democrats and White House are more concerned in using rhetoric to gain political momentum and make headlines, but the real consequences are felt by Americans, and both parties will be blamed for not passing legislation that helps the economy. The Florida senator also spoke about President Obama’s comment on how Republicans are using “derisive” language that separates Congress. What the media fails to cover, however, is that the senate compromise was first composed by Senator Collins, who reached out to Senator Ayotte and Senator Mukowski after feeling anger over the bipartisan slander that was happening on the senate floor. Many segments of this plan were used by Senator Reid and Senator McConnell in the bill that eventually passed.