On the Floor

Senator Murkowski appeared on the floor today where she said that as difficult as these past two weeks has been, she was encouraged by the different groups that came together to find common ground. She said that this should not be about who puts their name around the compromise, but getting a bill passed. “Our reality is in from of us right now.” Murkowski said that we should not be focused on who is responsible for passing the deal, but the fact that there is a deal which should give America hope. She continued that the effort to bring Congress credibility again is to roll up their sleeves and work together on issues, and realizing Congress has to work together across the aisle. On the senate floor, there is an air of positivity that it is not Republicans or Democrats that won this battle, but Americans who brought an agreement into a reality. The Senate has been working in a bipartisan effort throughout the year, as shown by averting the nuclear option for the filibuster and for the bipartisan immigration reform. Although there was much tension for two weeks, even Senator Cruz has said he will not try to delay the vote on ending the shutdown. The plan, led by Senator Reid and Senator McConnell, will reopen government, avert default, and come up with a plan to begin budget negotiations. In the two leaders’ plan are elements made my six democrats, one independent, and seven republicans who came together to put together a compromise that appeases both parties. Senator Collins on the floor said that this plan was truly a collaborative effort, and are an example of being able to do what Congress does so rarely, which is to stop fighting and start legislating. Senators are both saying that partisan speeches have ended, and true compromise has been reached.