Under the Belt

Governor Chris Christie and his opponent State Senator Buono are headfirst in a gubernatorial race for 2014, and things are getting heated. In their debate on October 8th, Buono tried hard to dismantle Christie on his job as Governor, saying he uses “Romney trickle down politics” which is the reason why New Jersey’s economy is well below other states. Christie retorted that he is proud of the job he and his leadership has done so far, and that the state is doing much better than the former Democratic Governor. Christie also said that as Chairman of the Budget Committee, Senator Buono did not do a good job in lowering unemployment. Buono has taken it to a new level, however, by publicly revealing her weight and saying that she wants to show New Jersey that she is healthy enough to lead the state. This report is in an obvious attack to Governor Chris Christie’s weight, who has said that he acknowledges he should lose a few pounds. Buono attacked the Governor a couple of weeks ago when she said, “Now I don’t know about you, but seeing Chris Christie frolicking on the beach is not going to drive me to go the shore.” To attack Christie on his weight shows Buono’s desperation and also insecurity about her political race, and Christie should see this as good news as he continues to campaign.