Rubio Brings Up Iran

Despite the major budget debates, Senator Marco Rubio spoke on the floor today about the threat of Iran and their nuclear program. Rubio said that now is “not the time to suspend sanctions, but to increase them on the Iranian regime.” Rubio said it is imperative not to be guided by “our hopes, but on reality.” He said that reality is that no matter how much Iranian leaders say they do not have plans for nuclear weapons, their actions say something completely different as they try to develop long range missiles that threaten Israel, Europe, and eventually the United States. The media is caught up with covering the budget crisis, and even Congress is so focused that it comes as a shock that Rubio brought this point up in the midst of CR debates. Rubio said that the United States should not be fooled by rhetoric as the new leaders in Iran say they are willing to have talks about not developing nuclear weapons, and that we should remember who we are dealing with as they only admit their actions when they are caught red handed. Rubio said that trust with this country has been eroded, and that because who we are dealing with sanctions on Iran should not be lifted or suspended. He said that the US cannot allow them to use these talks to have time and space to fool the world and develop nuclear weapons. Rubio said, “talk alone should not slow down our actions,” and that we should not wake up to the news that Iran has tested a nuclear weapon. Rubio compared the strategy of Iran to North Korea, who now have developed a nuclear weapon and are a threat to the United States’ safety, and to the world’s safety. Although the United States should continue to have diplomatic talks with Iran, Rubio believes we should not lift sanctions until their actions show they are serious.