Cruz Meets House Members in Basement of Tortilla Flats

Throughout the entire shutdown, it seems as if Senator Ted Cruz has sided with the Tea Party members in the House on not bowing down to the Obamacare fight.  As Senators such as Bob Corker have been more inclined to compromise, and even Senate Rand Paul said that the government should not shut down even though he opposes Obamacare, Cruz has been adamant that he will go to all extremes to ensure the ACA is defunded. Last night, Senaor Cruz met with 15-20 House Republicans in the basement of Tortilla Flats located on Capitol Hill to talk strategy about the upcoming compromise that would end the 2 week government shutdown with a short-term spending bill that lifted the debt ceiling. Cruz’s concern is that it does not do enough to destabilize Obamacare, but all members in Congress are facing pressure from the Fed that a default this Thursday would be catastrophic to the US and the world’s economy. GOP senators have the option of filibustering the new compromise, but that would push the deal past the Thursday deadline. Furthermore, if the House does not pass the bill, it will be blamed for any economic damage that ensues.