Continuous Debate

The Senate and the House are back in session today as they race to the clock to reach a compromise before Thursday, when the government will default causing very bad effects for the United States. Senate Majority Leader and Senate Minority Leader are working together to make a plan that will reinstate the government as well as lift the debt ceiling until December 2014. This is a short-term plan, but is in response to the Fed and major banks pressure to avoid economic damage. The House is also planning to form their own new budget bill, and there may be another fight as the two chambers go head to head.  The Senate will go out of session at 12pm for the usual caucus meetings, which will allow the Republican party to discuss how they will proceed, especially in regard to their on going fight against Obamacare. The Republicans in the Senate are in a hard situation, for if they allow the budget to pass they will have essentially lost the fight, but if they do not give in they will be at blame for the default. House Leaders are also in a tricky situation, as they are continuously pressured by the many tea party members to continue to hold their ground against Obamacare, but other moderates are supporting a bill that is a compromise and moves the country forward.