The Fight Continues

The government is still shutdown, and Congress is scrambling to make a deal before the US defaults this week. Those outside Washington are extremely frustrated by Congress’ inability to make a deal, and the Feds say that American should tell them to “go to hell.” Senator Rand Paul said that one thing he will not accept in the new deal is the sequestration caps, as he says it is a law in America. On CNN he said, “It’s funny, they’re all about Obamacare being the law of the land, but so’s the sequester. If we exceed that, it’s real big step in the wrong direction.”Political journalist Mark Halperin said that the Democrats know they are winning this fight, and it is now just up to the Republicans to finally surrender. Halperin said, “We’ve talked about Democrats giving Republicans an opportunity to save face: I think the White House and Harry Reid would like to humiliate the Republicans and like to send a message that if you’re led around by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin going forward, the same thing will happen to you again. So they’re going for the best, toughest deal they can get.” CEOs from the major investment banks have also been publicly advocating for Republicans to surrender and allow Congress to pass a clean CR, saying that a default will hurt not only America but the world’s economy. Despite these public outcries, Senator Ted Cruz released a statement where he commended Republicans for acting heroically in this battle, and that the GOP should continue to “stand with the working people.” Cruz said, “The American people don’t want Obamacare, and they don’t want more debt. The American people did not rally across the nation in August and September, sign petitions by the millions, and shut down the congressional switchboard to now be left out of deals being negotiated in back rooms.” Cruz said that the American people want a strong economy, and Obamacare will hurt both jobs and economic growth.