Bad News For Texas

When Governor Rick Perry said that he would not run for re-election, political commentators immediately began speculating. There speculation was right, and Attorney General Greg Abbott will be running against State Senator Wendy Davis. The Democratic National Committee launched a campaign last winter, where there aim is to turn Texas from red to blue. As such an important state for electoral votes, it was always an anchor for Republicans during the presidential elections. The GOP could count on their support for the conservative cause, but with a Democratic Governor, this could all change. Davis emerged on the national scene during her filibuster, famously in pink sneakers, where she challenged the abortion bill much to the liberals’ adoration. She soon got an article in Vogue, where they praised her hard work, vibrant spirit, and above all else, her female sex. In a recent poll, Abbott is only leading Davis by 8 percent. There is still time before 2014, but the race is off and running.