Government Shutdown

The government has shutdown. The fingers are out, as each party points blame on who is responsible. Republicans say that they passed a CR in the House, and that they listened to the American people by not suppressing them with a bad healthcare law that will only increase costs and burden small businesses. The GOP has warned that many will lose their jobs to ensure they do not have to pay their employees healthcare, and that many families cannot take the monthly fees. Democrats have said that President Obama won against Romney with the legacy of his Affordable Care Act, and that they will not pass a CR that delays the individual mandate for one year. What the Democrats are enjoying, however, is a waiver that does not subject them as politicians to the same guidelines for the average American under Obamacare. Senator Vitter from Louisiana has submitted an amendment that takes out this language in the ACA, but Democrats are opposed to it, saying that it will only allow millionaires to be in Congress and make government jobs too much of a burden. The House is still in session, trying to find a compromise before the lights go out on the HIll. The media, who has speculated about this shutdown for the past few weeks, has proved right in its overhype- and the government has truly reached a stalemate. The question now, is who will cave, as the phones will be off the hook with angry constituents, and Congress approval rating will probably go lower than the already outrageous 10 percent. If Obamacare is funded and the effects are as drastic as the Republicans predict, the victory will be for the GOP in their foresight-and Senator Ted Cruz will be a maverick turned hero. If Obamacare is funded and turns into a success, the GOP reputation may never be able to fully recover.  These are political moments that make history, and the results will be seen as the House stays open late into the night.