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October 31

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Now that the government has reopened, Congress is turning its attention again to Syria. Before October 1st, the talk on the Hill was whether to use force against President Assad. Both parties seemed to be remarkably split over this issue. Senator Rand Paul is absolutely against it, while Senator John McCain has been trying to […]

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October 30

Sebelius Testifies

The House Energy and Commerce Committee held another hearing today with HHS Secretary Sebelius on the enrollment issues Americans are having using Many lawmakers have called that the secretary should resign due to the horrible unveiling of the healthcare website, but the Sebelius says that the website technical issues will be fixed by December […]

October 29

Are Republicans Right?

After another hearing on the Hill today, the Obamacare troubles increase. The House Ways and Means Committee questioned Marilyn Tavenner, who is in charge of the Medicare agency that will implement the law. Republicans read countless letters from their constituents who received notice that their health insurance was canceled due to the restrictions of Obamacare. […]

October 29

Lee Answers What’s Next For Conservatives

Senator Mike Lee from Utah grabbed national attention this past month as Senator Ted Cruz’s conservative ally amidst the government shutdown. Lee has now joined Cruz as a tea party favorite, and as a lawmaker who is committed to the far right and fighting for conservative ideals. This performance probably initiated his invitation to the […]

Elephant News Weekly Roundup

October 27

Cheney Says Enzi Was Never Fly Fishing Friend

Dick Cheney appeared on ABC’s This Week where he vowed his daughter, Liz, would win the Wyoming primary against Senator Enzi. Cheney said that he is confident in this prediction because the people of Wyoming are contributing to her campaign, not Washington. The former vice-president also said that Enzi was mistaken with his surprise that […]