Chambers At Odds

The House sent back a CR to the Senate, but changed it back to include language that defunds Obamacare. This CR is a battle between majorities, as the House has Republicans eager to make sure the hated Affordable Care Act is delayed one more year, and the Senate has Democrats who stand together to ensure the president’s signature legislation goes into action during 2014. The Senate will vote on the CR at 2pm, with very little time before the government shuts down. A government shutdown is always a threat to motivate lawmakers to take action, but now it seems that it could turn into a reality. House leadership met in the basement of the Capitol this morning to discuss the next plan if the government does indeed shutdown. The backlash of constituents will be huge, and media has already placed the blame on Republicans. House Speaker John Boehner has said repeatedly that the house has “done its work” to pay the nation’s bills, and puts the pressure on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to do the same. Some lawmakers have said that a government shutdown will be good for Congress, as it will scare the rank-and-file members to realize the consequences of avoiding compromise. Republicans are insistent that the American people do not want Obamacare, and that the House has listened to their pleas by defunding the healthcare law. Democrats disagree, and refuse to bow down to the government shutting down. The Senate coming back into session at 2pm gives very little time for them to pass a CR and send it back to the House, so as of now the nation holds its breath.