Back To Table

In a 54-46 vote this afternoon in the Senate, Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid tabled the CR to take out the amendments resubmitted by the House that once again defunded Obamacare. Congress has until midnight to pass a continuing resolution that will keep the government in operation until mid-October, and time is running out. Senator Mikulski from Maryland attacked Republicans that their debt bill was “deliberately designed to be politically provocative,” and that Obamacare does not have to do with the government paying its bills. Republicans, however, argued that the House did its job to pass a CR, and it is conducive with the desires of the American people. Senator Ted Cruz released a statement today where he said, “Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had the opportunity this afternoon to avert a government shutdown. Instead, he chose to kill the House’s bill to keep government open, a deliberate act to move towards a government shutdown. This is no surprise. After the House acted Saturday night, Sen. Reid refused to call the Senate back to service, instead leaving senators at home on vacation while a shutdown loomed.” Senator Cruz has been the leader in the Senate against Obamacare, and if the government does shut down the next question is who to blame. Senator McCaskill said that Democrats are willing to compromise, but not over Obamacare.