The Debate Continues

Time is running out. Congress has until Monday to pass a continuing resolution, which leaves very little time for the House to respond to the changes the Democrats will put in the bill. Last night, Senator Reid added his amendment that strips Obamacare defunding from the bill, as well as moves the deadline from December 15th to November 16th. There are six unanimous consents for committees to meet today to discuss the CR. He also filed to end cloture, which would end the debate and start a vote no later than an hour after Senate comes in Friday morning. Some Democrats want the debt ceiling to be lifted and sequester levels increased, and Republicans unanimously want to defund Obamacare. If cloture is envoked again, the Senate will debate for 30 more hours, leaving very little time for the House to pass a CR and likely leading to a government shutdown. Senator Ted Cruz said that he will not vote to end cloture with Obamacare language resinstated in the CR, which is putting many Republicans in a hard situation. Although they are united in their disapproval for Obamacare, many do not want to see the government shutdown and think the law will eventually speak for itself. Cruz’s 21 hour filibuster was a major statement, and the media is grappling over how to respond. If media bases were in the south/western states, I am sure he would unanimously be a hero.