Cruz Made A Stand

The Senate today unanimously passed a cloture vote to end the debate on the CR. The Senators now have 30 hours to debate the budget bill passed by the House, and decide if they want to keep sequester levels at 986.3 billion, as well as defund Obamacare. Although Senator Cruz voted to end cloture to start the debate, he will vote against cloture if Senator Reid adds funding for Obamacare. There is much outrage by conservatives for the little positive media coverage Senator Cruz received for what is one of the longest filibusters, in contrast to State Senator Wendy Davis who emerged as a Texas hero. The physical exertion Senator Cruz went through as he stood all night in the senate chamber was to prove how strongly he felt against the Affordable Care Act, as well as be a voice for Americans who are opposed to this law. Senator Cruz said that all senators work for the American people, and he said, “the pleas from the American people, particularly in Texas, are deafening.” Even if you are opposed to Senator Cruz’s plan to defund Obamacare, his strong-will and ability to fight for what he believes in is refreshing to see in Washington. He is a politician that literally made a stand for 21 hours, and feels strongly about expressing the concerns of his constituents and supporters.