Cruz Still On Floor

Senator Cruz wore tennis shoes to work today, as he is still on the senate floor where he intends to “speak until he cannot stand,” on the reasons Obamacare should be defunded. The filibuster is way for politicians to gain notoriety, and he invoked Senator Rand Paul’s famous filibuster which was about US drone use on American cities. Despite his filibuster, Senator Reid plans for a procedural vote tomorrow around mid-day. Cruz said that the very real struggles and disaster which is Obamacare will cause employers to lay off employees. He said the problem in Washington is that the elected officials are not listening to real Americans, and are not aware of the very real hardship which will be coming from Obamacare. Cruz said that this is the American people speaking, not him. Elected officials are refusing to listen to the people, and this gives a sense of despair that Washington will not respond to the problems of Americans. Cruz said he is inspired that if and when the American people stand up, they will make their voices heard. He said that Senator Rand Paul’s historic filibuster on drones, many people from the senate body were not interested in the issue. What was incredible was that the American people got involved and it transformed the debate. Cruz clearly is doing this for the same reaction, where he wants Americans right now to stand up and engage with their lawmakers. Cruz is upset that there are waivers exempting elected officials from the hardships of Obamacare, and the burden will fall on the American people.