Conservatives On the Attack

Senators who are not fully behind Senator Cruz are facing backlash from conservative groups who are more focused on the defunding of Obamacare than the repercussions of a government shutdown. As the House has a Republican-majority, many were skeptical last week on how the Republican senators would respond in the chamber where they do not have the same power. Commentators such as former Governor Sarah Palin have challenged Republican senators to not bow down to this fight, and the Heritage Foundation said they would be taking special notice to their response. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in a specially precarious situation, as he faces an upcoming primary against a tea party member, but also needs to make sure the senate performs its duty of passing a CR. In an email blast, the Senate Conservatives Fund wrote, “Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn have surrendered to Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and the Democrats. More importantly, they have surrendered to Obamacare — the biggest job killer in America.” Although McConnell said he would vote agaist any amendment that tries to add funding of Obamacare to the CR, the far right does not think this is enough and is behind Senator Cruz’s procedural tactic to keep the debate open until the Democrats are forced to cave. This caving would be especially hard, as the Democrats stand united for the funding of Obamacare, and say that if there is a government shutdown it is because of the Republicans refusal to compromise.