Crazy Is Good

Senator Rand Paul said that the past few months have been good for the GOP, and are a “roadmap” to the potential of the party’s future. In an article with MSNBC, he compared Republicans to Charlie Sheen, who before going crazy was jumping around saying, “Winning, winning, winning.” Paul said that he kind of feels like Charlie Sheen at this moment, that Republicans are winning. The recent months have been informative on what the American people want, and the government surveillance scandal unveiled by Edward Snowden was bad for the Democrats. He also said that the party needs to appeal to the demographic that has been treated the worst, which is the African American community. He spoke against drug offenses, that hurt minorities the most. Paul also said that Obama’s decision to consult Congress over Syria air strikes was another win for the Republican party, for it shows a large part of the American community are behind the GOP. Ron Paul, Rand’s father, appeared on MSNBC where he said his son is probably considering a presidential run. Many are already behind Hillay Clinton to be the presidential candidate for the Democrats in 2016, but Rand Paul also thinks this is a Republican advantage. He said in the interview, Who is probably the least likely to protect your privacy among Democrats? Hillary Clinton.”