Boehner Sends Video Message

Speaker John Boehner released a video on YouTube where he questions why Obama is willing to negotiate with Russia over Syria, but not with Congress over the budget? In this little over a minute video, the first half is the negative language Obama officials say on their refusal to negotiate with Republicans, and the second half is positive language coupled with absurd pictures of Putin on how Obama officials are eager to negotiate with the Russian president. Boehner, who is under pressure as Speaker of the House to pass a budget before October 1st, wants to have a bi-partisan approach. As he is appealing to Obama, it may be to take some heat off his own office. A handful of Republicans are adamant they will not vote for a CR that funds Obamacare, but Democrats are also adamant that they will not vote for a CR that defunds it. Compromise is definitely needed, and a government shutdown will only be blamed on the far right for its extremism. Boehner finishes the video saying that Washington has a spending problem, and challenges Obama to take responsibility. To watch the video, please visit,