Rove On Shutdown

Karl Rove has used his time post Chief of Staff to offer his political opinions on the latest Republican news. Rumored to read numerous books at one time and always have excessive energy, the political strategist is a genius in moving the independent base to lean towards the right in elections. He appeared on Fox News today where he said that if the government shutdown due to the right’s insistence to defund Obamacare, it will push this middle spectrum to turn to Democrats during the 2014 election cycle. If the House joins the Senate in a Democrat majority, Obama’s administration will have a much easier time pushing his agenda. The Republicans want a CR that will defund the healthcare law, but Democrats have insisted they will not vote for it. If a CR is not passed by September 30th, the government will shutdown and Rove says this will be blamed on the right. As Obama’s legacy is dwindling, this, Rove said, would be perfect for him to save his presidency.