Rand Paul Makes Vogue

The media is obsessed as of late in guessing who will run for Republican president in 2016. From Marco Rubio to Jeb Bush, every public appearance in a state other than their own explodes into rumors. With so many factions as of right now in the Republican party, it is as though we are waiting for a maverick to emerge and unite different ideologies into one. Governor Perry, Governor Christie, and Senator Ted Cruz are also dodging president questions. Senator Rand Paul, who has emerged as the libertarian champion and gained notoriety on his use of the filibuster this past winter, said that he will not make a choice until 2014. His father, Ron Paul, has a very loyal following. This has overflowed to his son, and gives him a semi cool factor over the old guard Republicans. Such a cool factor that even spurred the liberal media site, Buzzfeed, to give him a favorable interview. Even Vogue magazine, who could not be more Democrat in their approach, published an article with a sultry looking Paul staring straight into the camera with a title ‘Could Republican Senator Rand Paul Win the White House?’ The top of the article champions him with “tough talk and fearless politics.” His sexiness comes from his “strong support of the constitution,” and of course his Texan drawl. He is also very much an underdog, which Americans tend to root for. He emerged in the Senate just three years ago, and has quickly been ascending the ranks. In the article, his mother said that the chance of Paul running for president “seems real.” In the Vogue article, the author notes how Paul has an unapologetic approach to the usual smoozing of Politicians, and frequently throughout the interview visibly shows his boredom. Paul said that he wants to change the Republican party to represent real Americans. He has worked across the aisle with Democrats, he has spoken at Howard University, and he has also appealed to Hispanics, three demographics that Republicans usually ignore. Is Rand Paul what the Republican party needs? To read the Vogue article, please visit http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/republican-senator-rand-paul-for-president/?mbid=October2013_20130918_12038054#1