Healthcare Song That Never Ends

42 Republicans last week re-wrote the CR originally put forward by Speaker John Boehner that included the defunding of Obamacare. The original continuing resolution required the senate to do a stand up or sit down vote on whether the bill should defund Obamacare, but conservatives wanted a harder approach. A continuing resolution needs to be passed by October 1st, when the new fiscal year starts. The leadership in the House are willing to appease these hard line Republicans to avoid a government shutdown. The CR will most likely be modified by the Democratic controlled senate to increase government spending as well as fund the dramatic healthcare law, but House GOPers are hoping their Republican comrades on the other side of the Hill will support this part of the bill, or at least delay the individual mandate part of the healthcare law for another year. This law is truly like the song that never ends, as Republicans and Democrats play tug of war. Republicans are trying their best to repeal the law and make sure it does not become a reality, and the vote next week is their newest strategy.