Gingrich Creating Drama

Newt Gingrich is part of the band of Republicans who speak in extremes and often have nothing positive to say about the leading opposition. He has now joined CNN’s State of the Union, as the network tries to create some Fox News like drama to try and re-boost their numbers. Last night, Gingrich said that Obama is playing a game of “tic tac toe” with President Putin, and that he let Russia beat the United States in the Middle East. This language of winning and losing is very much a leftover from the cold war, and Mr. Gingrich forgets that Russia is Syria’s ally. Also, the far right which Gingrich tries to appeal to, is very against the United States use of force in Syria, and this kind of language just creates unnecessary fear. If Obama acted immediatey in the Middle East, Republicans would have called him arrogant and a dictator-like president. Now that he waited, he is called a coward and a president who let Putin win. Gingrich’s word choice is such an example of the political celebrity who says extreme statements to make people interested in politics.