White House Says Obama Needs Some Credit

Facebook is blowing up with those of Russian descent praising President Putin for his op-ed in the New York Times where he directly addresses the United States and calls for peace talks rather than war. Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, responded to the new roar about Putin and peace talks saying that President Obama needs to have credit for this happening. He said that Syria and Russia are at a much different place than they were three weeks ago, and it is only because Obama took action and threatened an air raid. Carney said that Syria’s change is, “due to the decisions made by the Russian leadership but also the decisions made by the United States, by the president, to take the approach he has taken in response to the horrifying use of chemical weapons on his own people.” Many of the United States critics, as well as the continuously dramatic news anchors in America, are saying that Russia is now beating America as the world superpower. In Putin’s article, he states that Russia and America were once allies and came together to defeat the Nazis, and the new found relationship that can lead to diplomatic talks is one based on mutual trust.