Boehner Faces Opposition

As many Americans have seen House of Cards, they might be familiar with the speaker of the house’s need to rally support within his party to garner votes on key legislation. Although the series is highly dramatized, it is not far off in the role the speaker must play in order to lead his party to pass legislation. Speaker Boehner from Ohio is perceived to be losing his gusto, as his farm bill failed to pass despite conservative pressure, and he is now losing votes on the CR for the upcoming fiscal year. Boehner has been criticized by many Republicans for not bringing forth the issue of immigration, even though a bill passed the senate, and although he is in favor for using force in Syria, many of his fellow Republicans oppose this idea. Although the proposed continuing resolution requires an up and down vote from the senate to defund Obamacare, many Republicans do not think it is enough, and that the Democratic majority senate will easily strip that part of the bill. Congressman Ted Yoho from Florida told Politico, “I don’t think the vision and the long-term path is being articulated. You’re seeing short-term fixes. It’s like playing a football game and all you talk about is the next down. You don’t talk about winning the game. It’s like, let’s play this next down and do the best we can.” Conservatives want a more hard-line approach to defund Obamacare, and will not vote on a CR that does not make a serious statement. This move would greatly intensify the threat and the possibility of a government shutdown, which would be detrimental to Republicans as the 2014 election cycle comes. Other Republicans within the party are emphasizing that there is still time to persuade conservatives that totally defunding Obamacare is not possible, and that by delaying the vote yesterday allows for politicians to get their colleagues on board. More moderate Republicans are urging that the Speaker stops trying to please hard right conservatives, for their desires are simply unrealistic. The current continuing resolution plan made by the House would keep sequester levels the same and delay the vote on the debt ceiling till December 15th. The strategy from Boehner was to pass the CR with the majority of Republicans, but there seems to be continued opposition from tea-party members. Congress has till September 30th to pass a CR.